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Pakage: 4 tin - 4l each one.

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KRIS CLEANER is a specially formulated solvent, optimized to remove easily the residues of self-adhesive compounds from metalsurfaces, such as creasing plates.

Contrary to conventional solvents, the use of Kris Cleaner drastically reduces the amount of anual rubbing and scraping needed to remove the contaminants. 


KRIS CLEANER contains terpenes of natural origin.

Its peculiar composition guarantees an excellent removal of any self-adhesive compounds, from acrylics to natural latex of synthetic rubber.

Differently from conventional chlorinated solvents and some oxygenated solvents, Kris Cleaner does not induce the formation of rust and oxides on metal surfaces. On the contrary, cleaning and rinsing metal parts with Kris Cleaner before prolonged storage, even in high humidity conditions, prevents the formations of rust, and slows down surface corrosion and oxidation.

Kris Cleaned, contrary to conventional solvents, has a limited volatility, and is not, during normal and proper application, harmful or irritant for the operator.


1) Remove the used creasing matrix from the creasing plate, using the specific hand-held blade screaper.

2) Spray Kris Cleaner onto the creasing plate surface, using the specific sprayer supplier with the cleaning kit. Apply a rich quantity of KRIS CLEANER onthe dirty area. Let Kris Cleaner in contact with the surface for ca. 2-4 minutes. At the end of this period, even the most stubborn residues will appear jullied and inconsistent, and will be easlily removed.

3) Use the specific "Scraper" supplied with the cleaning kit, to remove the residues of self-adhesive materials. For a more efficient treatment, periodically clean the blade of the screaper from any residues.

4) Spray again Kris Cleaner onto the entire surface of the creasing plate. Rinse the surface of the creasing plate with a clean, lint-freecloth, untill a glossyand uniform surface is obtained.