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  • Groove

    The laminated polyester is the most accurate material available on the market.

    Groove matrix is the most suitable for long running job as pharmaceutics, cosmetics and other quality boxes.

    Wide e complete range of sizes to satisfy all customers requirement.

    Precise channel and thickness, strong against abrasion with tapered edges for smooth feeds through presses.

    Locator allows a perfect register with the creasing rules and the adhesive base is firmly stricked to the cutting plate.

    Groove was the first fingerlift matrix on the market since 1996.

  • Nek

    The vulcanized fibre is a strong and resistant material apprecciated by its quality suitable for solid and corrugated board.

    East to trim with a chamfering knife, the locator allow you to transfer the matrix on the cutting plate in a perfect register, firmly sticked to the steel plate.

    Fingerlift makes easy to remove silicone paper on the back of the matrix.

    Wide range of sizes to satisfy all requirements.


    Last born at Kris home, Isomat is a very good matrix suitable for all kind of board, strong and accurate allow to have a lot of different shapes.

    A colour for every thickness, white locator and coloured base.

    Strong adhesive on the base, perfect register with creasing rules and fingerlift.