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Data sheet

Weight 1.7 Kg
Dimensions 220 x 115 x 135 mm.
Operation Air compressed
Speed From 0 to 22.000 giri/min
Grinding discs Thickness from 0.2-3 mm.
Outer diameter 50 mm.
Internal diameter 10 mm.

More info

Very powerful steel rule nick grinder, using discs of 0.3-2 mm thickness and capable of nicking rules of all widths. Because of the danger of using cable-powered equipment on cutting rules we have designed our nick grinder SR/30 to run on compressed air, thereby ensuring the safaty of the operator.
A trasparent guard provides further protection for the operator.

Replacement description: Code
pneumatic engine 2240
complete spindle 5753
drive pulley 2204
spindle pulley 2203
drive belt 5755
safaty protection 2209
regulation screw 2214
base plate 2208
locking nut 2202